Apprenticeship Programmes
Apprenticeship Programmes
At Busy Bees Southeast Asia (formerly known as Knowledge Universe), we are committed to and passionate about upholding the early childhood profession.  We are thus looking to sponsor potential candidates to join our Apprentice Programme, an exclusive salaried work-study initiative designed to enable aspiring preschool educators to concurrently attain a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education - Teaching as well as gain valuable on-the-job training without having to worry about financial ability.
Upon graduation, our Apprentices will have a head-start into early childhood with an astute ability to integrate theoretical knowledge, a holistic understanding of child development practices and hands-on classroom experiences.  At the same time, they will acquire soft skills in Personal Effectiveness, Communication and Customer Service to ensure they are all-rounded; well-equipped and ready to teach effectively in any preschool environment.
Open your door to a fulfilling career, a stable future and a world of endless opportunities. Be an Apprentice with us. Contact us today!
What have they gained from our Apprentice Programme?


I chose the Apprentice Programme because it was not examination-based and I could juggle between family and school commitments. Furthermore, the monthly allowance was an extra perk. I was also guaranteed a job at the end of the course and that was really important, especially when the job market was down. In addition, Learning Capital was not only a major player in higher education for early childhood, but also part of a family of education companies under Busy Bees, together with two well known and established preschool brands, i.e. Learning Vision and Pat’s Schoolhouse.


I started out as an Early Childhood Educator in November 2008 through the Apprenticeship Programme Busy Bees offered. This programme enabled me to pursue a Diploma in Preschool Education (Teaching) and at the same time, work in a Childcare setting. I was attached to Learning Vision @ Work –Revenue House for 8 months as a Trainee Teacher under an experienced mentor/guide. I was then posted to Odyssey, The Global Preschool as a Kindergarten One English teacher.
Venturing into the Early Childhood industry proved to be a turning point in my life. Interactions with the kids are never dull but amazing and fulfilling as they grow in their thinking and behaviour through the lessons and activities conducted. Such an experience can never be gained elsewhere and I wish to make a difference in their lives by imparting the best knowledge to them and creating the best memories for them throughout their preschool days.

Ultimately, I feel very fortunate and thankful to be a part of the Busy Bees family where I can not only educate young children but also strengthen my character through the environment and opportunities that the company provides.


This was an excellent deal for me! I was paid to study and even had a job waiting for me upon graduation.’

It was simply my dream come true. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. I was briefed in great detail on what to expect in terms of training and course structure and then well equipped with the necessary academic knowledge and hands-on experience I needed.

The comprehensive internship coupled with an excellent mentoring programme also ensured a supportive and safe environment. I was thus well prepared for the real world of work.’”


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