“Brighton Montessori is a clean and well-organized school. All the teachers are friendly, responsible and filled with patience. Thus I have no worries leaving my kids under their care. All my 3 children who are studying in Brighton have learnt to be more outspoken and well-behaved. I am also sure that they have built a strong foundation to progress to primary school.”
Mrs Ng Parent of Sky Ng, Benz Ng and Yuki Ng
“We like the cozy atmosphere at Brighton Montessori. The teachers and staff are always friendly and courteous and are especially helpful. My children have always had that extra attention and care required by them to either complete a task assigned or to move on to the next level. The teachers have always been there for them and I can be at ease knowing that they are being taken care of not only academically but also physically and emotionally. We particularly like the ICIP, the children have had the opportunity to be exposed to the language in various ways and are able to understand, speak and write Chinese at their appropriate age level, which is a great achievement for them, especially coming from a non-Chinese speaking family. Brighton has provided my children with a great head-start giving them a solid academic foundation which will enable them to use it at primary level.”
Mr and Mrs Kharma Parents of Nadia Kharma and Karim Kharma
“Three years ago, my search for a perfect pre-school for my twins ended at Brighton Montessori. It has all the qualities I was looking for: clean environment, good teachers- to-student ratio, well- planned curriculum, friendly teachers and close proximity to my house. I never look back since then. Under the nurturing of Brighton my sweetie Amanda has changed from a shy little girl to a confident young lady who loves reading and drawing. Gabriel is also no longer the quiet boy he used to be. He is now enthusiastic about school life and enjoys the company of his friends. Thanks to Brighton, both are well prepared for primary school !”
Mrs Chiang Parent of Amanda Chiang and Gabriel Chiang
“Throughout these 4 years Juin Ron (PN, N1, N2 and K1) has learnt well from Brighton’s well planned and structured syllabus. Brighton has allowed him to accelerate at a great pace and yet he was able to absorb everything like a sponge ! With such a comprehensive syllabus, we do not need to enroll him in any extra class outside. He was totally able to enjoy his afternoons & weekends. Besides excelling in his academic work, Juin Ron has learned to be a well- mannered and considerate boy. In the coming year, I am sure Brighton will do a good job at preparing him for Primary 1 just like what they have done for my elder boy, You Juin. I especially and strongly recommend the school way of teaching phonics that has made my boys at ease when reading books. It will be sad to leave Brighton but he will always remember the good times as well as all the wonderful things he has learnt. To all teachers at Brighton, you have done a great job at nurturing Juin Ron to his maximum potential. Excellent !”
Mr and Mrs Ng, Parents of Ng Juin Ron
Over the years, we have taught children from all around the world and are heartened by the encouragement we have received from parents. “We are happy that our son loves to go to school. He enjoys meeting his friends and learning at Brighton Montessori. We like the friendly atmosphere and the wonderful learning methods used by Brighton. Our son has benefited from learning through play and is able to socialize well now, He has improved in Math, Phonics and reading too. The teachers focus on his needs and has taught him the joy of learning.”
Mr and Mrs Ray Parents of Nishant Ray
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